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Art School Grad Feature

I was honored to be awarded January's ASG Exhibit Best in Show. Check out the interview here.

The fantastic image above was created by the talented painter Brienna Pruce.
If you are an art student, emerging artist or professional, collector, or simply love art, check out the ASG group and follow their blog, it's a great place for exchange of ideas, news and support.

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I like science, and nothing inspires me more than natural history and biology.

Merops Nubicus, also known as Carmine Bee-Eater

Charles Robert Darwin, naturalist.
Author of  "On The Origin of Species"

From my Animalia Fantastica series, here is Dissimulo Avis, or Disguise Bird.

 The Disguise
by Carolina Seth

Find out more about this peculiar new creature at my Etsy Art Shop.