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Hola, hello! It's been a while, can't believe it's been so long since my last post.
I've been keeping myself busy with work, family duties and new art projects.

I had the honor to be part of the Seldens Landing Mural Project at my daughter's Elementary School.
With other volunteers and volunteer artists, many of them parents of the school students themselves, we made our mission to beautify the many different areas in the building.
I painted the library, as a Children's book illustrator, the place speaks to me :)



I covered an area that is 58 feet long (over 17 meters), yes, that was a lot of  paint! Because of the logistics, I chose to paint separate sections that later will be joined together on the wall.

The near-the-ceiling location in the library inspired me to create a whimsical sky scene of children floating within their imagination represented by the fantastic and varied journeys that reading and studying can offer.

The project was completed during the Summer of 2010, on time for the start of the new school year. Was it a lot of work? Yes. Did I enjoy it? YES! Even my daughter helped color some parts of the mural.

My only wish: to be invisible and able to hear and see the kids reaction when they saw the mural for the first time!


Sunday, May 9th is Mother's Day.

I've created for the occasion a new collection of glass pieces with vintage art.
I've been  always fascinated with things from the past (and all things futuristic!), glass is one of my favorite materials to work with, so it was natural for me to make a series of crystal clear paperweights with beautiful vintage images.
Each one tells a story, the simple words on them are just there to get you started with your own tale, a tale of mother and child, of unconditional love...

Happy Mother's Day!


This SATURDAY, MAY 1st: I'll be doing a Book Signing and Special Live Drawing Presentation of FROGGY FUN at BORDERS Bookstore in Sterling (Virginia), 3-5 PM, with award winning children's book author Kalli Dakos.

This free event will benefit AART, all ages read together, a wonderful non-profit organization.
If you are in the area, stop by to say hello, bring your kids, friends and family! :)

Watch the TRAILER.


Froggy Fun, the children's book written by Treva Jean Edwardson and Illustrated by Carolina Seth, will be released in bookstores nationwide March 16th.

Ms. Edwardson and I, we've been busy preparing for the arrival of the little green couple with book signings, reading events, and special guest presentations at local libraries, schools and other public venues. Freddy and Franny even got to be on The Loudoun Times and  The Reston Connection in both their printed and online editions among other newspapers in the DC Metro and Texas (the writer lives in Aransas Pass, TX).

Last week I had the pleasure to be a guest speaker along with other local authors at Cedar Lane Elementary School in Ashburn, Virginia, for their annual Family Reading Night, it was a great event and a joy to see the children browsing books and so eager to read and learn more about story telling and illustrating. I did a visual presentation sketching live while the audio book played the story. The kids and their families had a good time, and me too!

You can get your own autographed book at my Etsy shop, each of these special pre-release copies come with a handmade bookmark not available at stores. Froggy Fun is also available at the publisher's website or you can pre-order online at Amazon, Borders and Barnes & Noble

Fun adventures await you at Fernleaf Forest!
Hmmm... what will the little green ones be up to next? You'll have to find out yourself in the sequel!

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Happy Chinese New Year!! Chinese New Year or Spring Festival is the most important of the traditional Chinese holidays. It is sometimes called the "Lunar New Year".

It's celebrated in countries and territories with significant Han Chinese populations, such as Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand. Chinese New Year is considered a major holiday for the Chinese and has had influence on cultures with whom the Chinese have had extensive interaction.

 Dragon Dance in Washington DC's Chinatown

In countries such as Australia, Canada and the United States, although is not an official holiday, many ethnic Chinese hold large celebrations and Australia Post, Canada Post, and the US Postal Service issue New Year's themed stamps.

A cute red money envelope

On the Eve of Chinese New Year, supper is a feast with families. Food will include such items as pigs, ducks, chicken and sweet delicacies. The family will end the night with firecrackers. Early the next morning, children will greet their parents by wishing them a healthy and happy new year, and receive money in red paper envelopes. The Chinese New Year tradition is a great way to reconcile forgetting all grudges, and sincerely wish peace and happiness for everyone.

Are you a Tiger?

The Lunar New Year dates from 2600 BC, when the Emperor Huang Ti introduced the first cycle of the Chinese zodiac.
Because of cyclical lunar dating, the first day of the year can fall anywhere between late January and the middle of February. On the Chinese calendar, 2010 is Lunar Year 4708.
On the Western calendar, the start of the New Year falls on Sunday, February 14, 2010 — The Year of the Tiger. This year, the date has special significance since it also happens to fall on Valentine's Day making it a doubly auspicious day to celebrate in the West.

Artwork by Jonny Wan

If you were born in 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998 or 2010, you were born under the sign of the tiger. Like the tiger, you are one of the most caring and thoughtful signs in the Chinese Zodiac. You have  a lot to say and the best way to right society's wrongs, and quite capable of defending children, friends, and loved ones against all enemies.
For the tiger in 2010, any recent setbacks or obstacles can be overcome, so look forward to a year in which to really shine, either personally or professionally.


Say bye-bye to last year's Ox and hello to the Tiger.


This Sunday is 14th of February, Saint Valentine. Are you ready? I mean, do you have flowers, chocolates in a heart shaped box, sexy unmentionables, a geeky robot with a heart in his hands professing your deep feelings for your beloved one? I hope so, because it's cold out in the dog house, specially these days in the DC area.

      Beep Mine sculptures by Carolina Seth

Here are few quotes that came cleverly wrapped with these little Italian chocolate bonbons I've been eating (very sporadically, I swear). I posted them in the original language because it sounds, ah! so romantic. Happy Valentine's Day!  :)

Se l'amore nomade benedetto, e tuo ospite, tienilo caro.
If love, that blesses nomad, is your guest, treat him well.
Azizaddin Nasafi

Siamo tutti angeli con una sola ala, possiamo volare solo se ci abbracciamo l'uno con l'altro.  
We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another.

Lei: "Tu non mi capisci". Lui: "Cosa intendi dire?"
Woman "You don't understand me" Man: "What do you mean?"

Don't you love vintage cards?




Here they are, BELOVED, the newest line of Karokeshi sculptures for 2010.
A modern twist of the Japanese Kokeshi dolls, like their traditional siblings, they are entirely handmade and constructed in hardwood and carefully hand painted with attention to detail, these sweet girls come in several colors and no two are alike.
I knew I had the seal of approval when my daughter said almost screaming "I want one!".

Customized art dolls are also available.

DOMESTICATE ME, S'il vous plaît

In my search for a mirror for my entrance hallway, I stumbled upon Domestic.
This unique French shop introduces collections of objects designed by designers, graphic artists and artists gathered around innovating and new concepts and themes.
The great thing is that they ship internationally. After much deliberation I finally decided on the Petits Pois.
Which one is your favorite? Check out all the styles and other amazing collections they carry.

1. Xenorhabdus
2. Apricot Sunday
3. Petits Pois
4. Alice in Wonderland