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Portrait Me, Please

Presenting my latest project.
Photos of the painting process can be seen on my Facebook page.
Quality art prints will be available for purchase soon at my Big Helmet Shop stores. Stay tune!

The Secret (The Botanist's Daughter)
acrylic on canvas

"The Guardians"
acrylic on canvas

A Surreal Mustached Visit

Summer has come and gone...

I embarked with my family on a new adventure; a road trip to the various Southern States of this beautiful country.
We enjoyed many different things and places (it was fun seeing alligators!), but the highlight of the trip was a visit to the wonderful The Dali Museum in Saint Petersburg, Florida.

The museum is home to the largest Dali's collection in the world. I have never seen that many original works of my favorite artist all in one place, it was truly breathtaking.

The building itself is a modern architectural wonder
(the food at the Gala Restaurant & Cafe was fantastic too)

The famous Lobster Phone
which unfortunately wasn't in the restaurant's menu

We love Dali! :)