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Ah, I love gadgets, I've always been interesting in technology and how the latest innovations can be applied to my art and improve my work practically and creatively.

I've been using a tablet and digital pen for as long as I remember.

It was the 90's when I got myself the latest new thing, something called a digital tablet, manufactured by Wacom. It was awesome and huge, it occupied most of my desk space, soon enough its cordless pen replaced my mouse, it could do all the same tasks only better.
I used it constantly for both painting and for simple daily tasks with my Power Mac (Remember those? How retro!).

(stock photo, not my actual tablet) ;)

The tablet was my new canvas and the digital pen was my brush.
Together with an exciting innovative application called Painter, I was just in heaven, in colorful, artist's heaven.

Screenshot of Painter

That was in the past. Fast forward to today, I attended last week a webinar by Wacom, so when they offered a special sale promotion for attendees, I jumped in!

 The new Intuos Tablet by Wacom

Painter 11 by Corel

Wacom's tablet and Corel's Painter make a dynamic duo, they work together wonderfully and have become the indispensable tools for the digital artist, with many of their users being trained in traditional fine art, me included.

Today, the traditional studio has been replaced by a revolutionary new concept; The Digital Studio.
I've also kept my traditional space (I still like to get down and dirty once in a while, and I couldn't part from my collection of brushes, canvases and many jars of paint). I often combine both freehand and digital methods in one single project.

Wacom's Cintiq monitor.
Drawing and painting is done directly on the screen with the digital pen
(Photo: Artist Jackie Jacobson) 

No, I'm not been paid by these companies to praise their products (but I wouldn't mind if they do), I'm just someone who have tried them and enjoys them as thousands of others around the world.
I love to share a good thing when I find one :)

I'm eagerly waiting to receive my new tablet together with the newest Painter. They say the sky is the limit, in this case... Your digital canvas is the limit!


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Mary Ellen said...

Hi Carolina, Thanks for posting this blog about technologies I haven't tried yet. Also, I am just interested in the idea of blogging, which I think I will try.